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Music Festival Activities- Do Something Different & Discover Yourself


Pie FightOne thing I love about going to festivals is the festival fun. All the different activities going on around you which you can try out and sometimes even master a new skill too. You get to try something out of the ordinary that you would never normally do, or never believe you could do. As well as this many festivals have lots of other fun things going on, like cinema, secret areas, circus’ and fairgrounds! All of your favourite things in one place- awesome!

Learn New Skills

I remember my first festival was Nozstock- the hidden valley, the most local festival to me. I found it such a magical place and couldn’t believe all the different things going on. I will never forget coming across a little workshop where people were sat doing wood work. I thought I could never do that and told my partner to keep walking. However, he made me stop to look, and people were making little wooden mushrooms to take hope. They were incredible! Anyway, we took part and learnt how to make them and I remember feeling so proud of my little mushroom- haha! It’s still proudly displayed on my bookcase till this day. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!


Festivals are the best place to try out new skills you wouldn’t normally invest your time or money into. My favourite thing to do in the day time is walk around trying out all the different workshops- well, most of them. You’re in a great mood, they’re free or cost very little, and you’re surrounded by people who are in the exact same position as you. You may even make some friends and who knows, you may come back a budding artist or with a new hobby.


Festivals are great to check out shows you wouldn’t normally buy tickets for. Obviously all festivals do something different, but I’ve noticed a lot have a comedy tent and I think these are great. Festivals are the best place to find up and coming comedians and performers. You can get out of the sun and wind-down from all of the excitement from outside, as well as being entertained. The perfect way to chill out and cool-off.

Secret Areas

Eeeek! Where do I start! Secret areas are so exciting, but half the time I don’t even see them. They really are that secret! From underground bars, rabbits holes, haunted/zombie areas to hidden sofa lounges. These areas really add a bit of mystery and excitement to the experience.

Children Areas

You may find a childrens area at festivals. These are usually packed with games, activities and performers. These are really great as it gives the children time to play and find things they love doing. There may be balloon makers or face-painters, and cmon who doesn’t love having their face painted right? It’s also a safe space where parents can relax and not have to worry so much.


Where better than a festival to try all different foods from around the world. All the independent food shacks gather at festivals, and its such a beautiful thing. Offering all kinds of food you’ve probably never heard of, what a perfect opportunity to sample new things. Go on, treat yourself.

There really is so much to do and so much fun to be had at festivals. I humbly encourage you to research the festival you’re going to and to make the most of all the extra activities going on around you. More times than often there are a lot more arts on offer, not just music.

Don’t be scared, just throw yourself in the deep in and discover a new you!! I would love to know what your favourite festival workshop is? OR what skill you would really love to try?




  • Ally

    Hi Lauren, I never heard of Nozstock, I shall have to check that one out! Your article really brought back for me the essence of what a great festival is. There really is so much more to a festival than simply watching live bands. A great festival is like a pop up village, or even a city in the case of somewhere like Glastonbury. I look forward to updates on your festival adventures. Roll on summer!

  • Raquel

    What a great article Lauren. I never ever tried in my life going to any type of festival. From your stories, it seems that you truly enjoy the food and the different activities that you’ve experienced at the festival. You give me now a better idea of what else I missed out. Hope to read more exciting adventure in your journey.


    • Lauren

      Hi Raquel
      Thank you for visiting my site. That’s such a shame I highly recommend it, especially local festivals. It’s a great way to try new things and meet like-minded people. You will have to try find one in the summer, I promise you will love it!

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